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About Dwivian Media

DwivianDwivian learned photography using an Argus 35mm in the late 70s, and was manipulating light in a darkroom shortly afterwards. While others took candids and club photos for the yearbook, he could be found setting up landscape shots to be used later in parts of light collages made from several negatives all crammed together in the enlarger. Pentax and Olympus SLR cameras gave more flexibility, but the cost of film, even in bulk black & white, made it important to get the shot as right as possible in the camera before playing on paper.

As technology improved, digital was the obvious next step, and after a decade of various cameras from different vendors, Dwivian landed in the Canon DSLR camp. Now with the ability to take hundreds of pictures an hour, Dwivian still hasn't changed his philosophy of looking for the best angles and light patterns to tell the story, and specializes in landscape and macro shots.